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Edzo's Burger Shop

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Since I started this freelance adventure about 4 months ago one of my goals was to break into the mural biz. I managed to snag a gig illustrating a mural for a new restaurant in Evanston, IL called Edzo's Burger Shop. Edzo had a great idea for retro themed artwork and I finished the illustration just in time to break my elbow. Thankfully, I have some super-talented friends and was able to hire Shayne Labadie to complete the painting. It turned out great! The fresh ground burgers and truffle fries are awesome too, you can read my review on Yelp!"
Edzo's mural at the sketch stageEdzo's mural illustrationShayne starts workingPainting processpainting process continuedfinished muralIMG_3932Deliciousness