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The Tortoise and the Hare

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This project only made it to the color comp stage because the client of my client decided they wanted to use photography instead. The illustration would have been for an annual report of a large company that is in the oil industry. The art director wanted to show the slow and steady nature of the growth of their business using illustration. It would have been fun to complete and do other illustrations for the report but alas...

It is frustrating that illustration is often shafted in favor of photography. Illustration when done right can add levels of sophistication to a message/article/story that photography usually cannot. Not to knock photography, it can be equally powerful and has its place. But, it's literal nature can limit the depth that it can add to a piece. Especially when dealing with abstract ideas like business, economics and such, illustration can be more effective. A photo of a man working on an oil rig just doesn't have the depth that a well thought out and executed illustration can bring to the subject.