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Weekly Status #1

Jason Castillo2 Comments

I am starting a new weekly art project that will be posted every Wednesday. Each week I will illustrate a Facebook status that was posted by one of my friends.  To protect the innocent, the authors of the text will be kept private.  But if you find your own status has been turned into art feel free to spread the word!

There are a few guidlines I've come up to start with:

1. The status must come from someone that I know personally or have at least met in person. (No celebrities, politicians, bands, businesses, etc.)

2. I can use the same person multiple times but I will try my best to switch it up. Some people just have more, let's say... vivid updates than others.  

3. I will not use links that people post, but I may use commentary that people make on links.

This will most likely be an evolving project so these rules may change.  I also may expand it to Twitter and other social networking eventually if needed.  Also the first few will be in comic strip form but that may also evolve and become more broad eventually.

So without further ado...