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Wedding Invites

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Making my own wedding invitations was very daunting at first.  Do I print them at home?  How do I assemble them?  Where do I buy the supplies? How do I address all thos envelopes?  Thankfully, the overwhelming positive "oh-my-god-your-invitations-are-so-cool" feedback coming from our friends and family made the hard work worth it. 

The design part was fairly standard but finding a printer, figuring out how to assemble them, printing the envelopes and all the other little details was a great learning experience.  My thoughts as I went through the process were "I never want to do this again". But once I was finished I realized that much of the research and learning curve has been overcome so the next time will be much easier.

Take a look:

If you like what you see and have a wedding coming up in the Chicagoland area let's talk!