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Client Work: AMTA Logo Design Process

Jason Castillo3 Comments

I recently designed a logo for the American Massage Therapy Association's new online education program. The title of the program is called "Bolster Your Practice" and they were looking for a logo that was "light and fun" and would "convey the idea of using multiple tools to accomplish the same goal- business management, development and expansion."

Also there were a couple of guidlines:

The logo should incorporate massage bolsters - a type of pillow that comes in various shapes used to raise the patients body and assisst the therapist. 

And, the logo should work next to the existing "Continuing Education" logo. 

Here is were I started.  A page full of shapes and ideas.  Most are embarassing to show and I left some out, but they are all part of the process.

When designing a logo - or anything for that matter - it really helps to get even the simplest ideas on paper because you never know where it might lead.

I selected a few that I thought had promise (I'll let you guess which ones) and I sent a PDF to the client. After a couple fairly painless rounds of revisions the client picked the one below.  It's pictured (right) next to the existing "sister" logo. 

And huzzah! Logo!

If you happen to have a need to "Bolster Your Practice" visit the AMTA website and check out their offerings.