Jason Castillo: Illustration + Design

My First Mobile App UI

Jason CastilloComment

The concept for this mobile app came from a friend of mine who is very involved in water conservation education. He has the coding brain and it was his baby. Since I have been interested in getting some experience in app development, I offered my services to help make it pretty.

 The function of the app was to make the user more aware of the amount of water they use each day. This is done by allowing the user to track his the length of his showers. Eventually, more tracking features would be added to the app to allow the user to monitor other things like washing dishes or watering plants. 

Below you will see the app icon and some screens that I designed based on the functions the app needed to have. Since working on these initial UI designs, the direction of the app has changed so it is not actually available for download yet. However, you can track the development progress at the Hydrophilic - now spelled with a "k" at the Facebook page.