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iPad ProCreate painting: Ang

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I gotta say ProCreate is in the running for my favorite iPad painting/drawing app so far.  I took my iPad to my favorite coffee shop; Ipsento (get the Cardamom Rose...mmm) and decided to paint Ang from Avatar: The Last Airbender one the best TV shows ever. 

Procreate gets mad props for the intuitive interface. I never felt like I had to search for anything. It never gets in the way of your artboard when you don't want it to.  The adjustments most people need easily accessable; opacity, brush size, undo and redo are right off to the side (1).  They are always there and they only take up a tiny amount of space on the side or bottom depending on the iPad orientation. 

1) Adjustments are easily accessible 2) The Brush palette

The brush library itself is full of useful presets.  The types of brushes include sketching, inking, painting, airbrushing, textures, and abstract (2).  For this Ang painting I primarily stuck to the wet brushes.  The flow of the paint and the way the colors blend on screen feels natural and smooth.  There is little to no lag on my iPad 2 - even when working in HD mode. You can also control many settings like spacing, scatter, wetness and shape of any brush. 

A cool feature I have yet to try is the brush editor.  It appears that you can import brushes and textures from photos and something called "Pro Library".  It seems very similar to the way you construct custom brushes in Photoshop. 

Also like Photoshop, Procreate has a layer palette that comes in handy (3). I used one layer to get a quick sketch down and set it to multiply to start painting on another layer underneath.  I also used a layers for the mountains and was able to adjust the transparency for the ones in the distant background.

3) The layers palette

My only complaint is that the app froze when I was about an hour into painting. I tried to save the image earlier but could not find a save option.  This is only a minor complaint because the app seems to have an auto-save feature!  When I relaunched the app my painting was saved from the exact spot that I left off.  So, my complaint was solved before I even knew it.


Ang: the Last Airbender

So yah. This app pretty much rocks and is only $4.99 on the app store.  Stay tuned - I think I'm going to continue this iPad painting app review with a new app next week.