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Push the Button

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...Ok. So, I may or may not be a bit obsessed with Lost at the moment. But, there's so much good material to be inspired by! Anyway, here is take on the old Uncle Sam propaganda poster with our favorite Dharma Initiative spokesperson...
dharma initiative

UPDATE 4/22/2010

A fellow Lostie requested a print of this piece so I made it available on Cafe Press!  Only $7.99 for an 11x17 poster.

John Locke vs. the Wild Boar.

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I LOVE Lost. The mysteries, the characters, the fandom, the mythology they've built up... everything. And, with the final season currently being aired I am fully engrossed in the world that Damon and Carlton have created. I read blogs, listen to podcasts, and I am currently re-watching the entire series with my fiance. While watching the first season, and having seen how far the characters have come since, I really appreciate John Locke and his conflict and was inspired to do this illustration.

As you can see from the sketches, it took me a while to come to the final concept. The original concept would have been much more violent and scary. I wanted to show a John Locke that you never got to see - the moment he kills the boar. Which, I think, would have been a defining moment for first the character of first-season-Locke. But, I struggled with the concept and realized that it was being contrived. I naturally try to infuse a sense of humor into my work and was avoiding that at the start of this project. Once I let my personality out, the drawing flowed much easier. Locke is ultimately a pathetic character and is often scared and frustrated when no one's looking. I pictured him stalking the boar as a deadly hunter...that is until the boar sees him and then it turns into a Road Runner-esque chase sequence through the jungle... that is the moment I tried to capture.
processJohn Locke pencilJohn locke flatsJohn Locke processjohn locke color